Free Linux Training

Linux is Free to Use.

Free to Modify,

Free to Distribute...

We have Made it Free to learn also....!!!

Open source is a term which defines the liberty of using the software freely.
We are full fledged open source software company.
Apart from development and support CBITSS also deals in training candidates and takes the responsibility to make them capable enough to start their stable career in IT sector.
Along with this we give awareness about free open source software and cyber law for privacy.We convince people to use free software and/or guide them to pay for software.We give seminars in schools,colleges,banks & government offices etc.
In CBITSS ,since 2005, we have taken responsibility to promote open source software,create awareness among users to work on open source so that to remove the privacy from the nation.
The main agenda of this is to use and promote software which are free of cost and to make the nation piracy free.
We do not criticize any proprietary software we motivate people to either pay for proprietary software or use free software.
And with this there will be no piracy because if we are not able to pay for proprietary software we can use free open source software.

This Training Program is absolutely free of cost. 
There are no hidden charges.

Come and join us to learn LINUX free of cost and remove pirated software from your computer.


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