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Server management and monitoring

Server management and monitoring

Before understanding the concept of Server Management, let's discuss the server. The server is what? It is a device or a computer that manage network resources. It is the computer which is designed to process requests and also deliver data to the client computers over the local network or on the internet. The network servers are generally configured with the memory, further processing and handle loads of servicing patrons. Servers are physically like other computers where their hardware arrangement is specifically optimized to make them most suitable for their role.

In many servers, the hardware installed is equal to the hardware of any other normal computer but in the case of the software, the software installed is totally different from the software of another computer. To improve the capacity to handle other computers and client the storage capacity, additional processing, and the memory are configured on the network servers.

Some basic types of network servers comprise as:
      online game servers
      web servers.
      FTP servers
      proxy servers

Server networking model- It is a model which is used by the number of systems unitedly with the websites and email services. A substitute model tends to make all machines works like client and servers parallelly. I am going to give you some examples so that you can easily understand a server.

Server management and monitoring

Name servers which give information about internet host names,
Secondly are the FTP servers with which help you can easily hold the FTP sites and also help you to provide the data which the user may requests.

Mail servers are responsible for delivering e-mails and the web servers are committed to sending the web pages which consists of the list of servers to manage the mailing lists. 

Application Servers
Application servers are the main servers in the computer empire between the end user and the database server, usually here the servers are connected to two.They are also referred as Middleware where middleware is the software which helps to establish a connection between two separate applications. All the products of middleware can link the database server to the web server. A number of middleware products can link a database system to a Web server. It allows the users to request data from database by the cooperation of those forms that are presented on a Web browser and based on the user's profile and appeal, which allows the web server to return the web pages dynamically.

List Servers
To improve the management of mailing lists, list servers are used regardless of what is a there type. Whether they are interactive debates open to the public or one-way lists that deliver newsletters, announcements or advertising.

Chat Servers
This server permits a number of people to experience information in the environment of an internet newsgroup that offer real-time discussion capabilities. It is used to relate to a number of different characteristics of the computer. To instantly respond to the input real-time operating systems are used.

IRC Servers
Internet Relay Chat is composed of various autonomous networks of servers that allow users to attach to each other via an IRC network. It is an option for those who are seeking real-time competence.

Fax Servers
Those organizations that want to reduce the incoming and outgoing telephone sources. The fax server is an excellent solution. But still, there is a need to fix the actual document.

Server Management- It has no particular definition that has been admitted as the ideal definition which embraces all its aspects but to elucidate it we define server management as the monitoring and maintenance of the web servers. This definition further covers two subsets which are maintenance and monitoring, out of which the maintenance ensuring that every software and hardware worked properly and run with its most favorable capabilities, on the other hand, the monitoring manages the each and every parameter which affects the performance of a server. To monitor the server, there are some systems like Monitance which can help you to monitor those metrics for the smooth maintenance strategy.
There are some other factors which can be used to monitor the server accurately which are as follows:

Server Setup- The service provider setting up your server using the available technical documents. The service follows some steps for the setup which are:
The Initial Server Setup- In this, the required set-up files are unzipped and running those file through the selected web host platform.

Installation and Configuration-  With the help of user guide and expertise install the features and tools for your control panel.

Firewall installation- This utility is used to provide the security for your server, it is also the part of an installation.

Anti-spam and antivirus installations- These are also installed after installing the firewall for the security purpose.

Mail Server Setup- As the name defines it is used to set up the email accounts on your server.

DNS settings and configuration

Server Monitoring
As we discussed earlier, monitoring helps to check the operations which affect the performance of your server, so there should be an accurate monitoring system for the optimal performance of the server. There are some steps which can be followed to simplify the task of monitoring your servers like the downtime notifications, uptime notifications, and security status and storage allocations.

There exist a huge number of viruses which can easily break the security and affects your personal data. The security gaps can lead to the breaching of your important data that directly have the negative impact on your business.
So, your next step should be to protect your server by:
Uniting periodic security scrutiny’s and
Carrying out the essential security, kernel, and software updates.

At the end, there are some preventive measures which can help you to secure your server which are:
Nothing is perfect and time to time your servers can be affected negatively by the viral attacks or may be crash also, due to this, it is important that every server should install precautionary measures such as launching:

      A server backup and recovery process
      Server movement measures
      Disaster Restoration and Software support.

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Why Linux is Virus Free ?

Linux is the operating system which is open source. Linux is free to use, free to modify and free to distribute. So many companies are these days migrating into Linux. One more interesting fact about Linux is that Linux never gets affected by Virus. This is the best feature which is fetching the interest of users towards Linux operating system. There are so many Linux flavors are there these days which can be used as Desktop edition which is so easy to operate for those users as well who are using Linux for the first time. Anyone who is willing to start using Linux in their computer machines can use Ubuntu in them. One who wants to opt Linux as the career option can do the Linux Training in Chandigarh which will make them perfect Linux users they also can get white collar job.

Why did Virus not affect Linux?

When we think of virus, Windows struck in our minds. Many Virus is there who can destroy our computer’s data and many more valuable information in your computer. But it never happens in Linux. The virus always has (.exe) extensions with it which mean this is an executable file. Windows support .exe extensions that's why Virus gets executed automatically after entering into Windows. Linux Does not support .exe file extensions. Linux uses RPM, DEB extensions. if Virus file will come in Linux it will not execute because Linux Does not support this file extension.

Linux is a more secure operating system. This is the Era of Linux. Our 90% of Internet is based on Linux. It also has one certification program by which students can get International certification from RedHat. Students can start taking Linux Training in Chandigarh from CBitss Technologies. CBitss Technologies are the best training institute which provides quality training in Linux.

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Benefits of using Ubuntu

Ubuntu is most usable operating system these days. It is a flavor of Linux which is desktop version for regular computer users. Most of the people are migrating from Windows to Ubuntu just because of its benefits and features . Let's talk about its features and benefits of Ubuntu.

Easy to install applications

In Ubuntu, Installing application is very easy. Here in Ubuntu we call it package. You just need to go in its software center and have to type the name of the package. After finding this you just need to click on install and it will done. There is no need to wait more or to accept terms and conditions because it is open source and free of cost.


Linux is more secure than windows because it has permissions applied on every file and on every directory(Folders) separately. In simple language every file and directory has its own permissions. If hacker will break one folder's permissions he will stuck to another. Thats why Linux is very Secure.

Virus Free

Ubuntu is also a virus free operating system where virus never effect the Ubuntu machine. Here in Ubuntu non of the file can execute independently or automatically. Every file need an order to execute. One more reason is there that virus file always has .exe extension which only runs in windows. In Ubuntu extension of the file is .deb so .exe never gets executed because it is unknown file type for Ubuntu. So you can run Ubuntu without any antyvirus.

Easy to change options

Ubuntu accompanies a control board additionally accompanies a menu alongside the Applications menu where you essentially select the thing you need to change, be it the Desktop foundation or the system settings. Everything on the windows that show up is basic and there are only the choices you require so it is anything but difficult to change the choices.


The community behind Linux, especially Ubuntu is what attracts many people to the operating system.


Everything about Ubuntu is free, the working framework (you can even have them send you a duplicate of the working framework for a little charge that spreads postage), the product introduced is free (counting all the product you can download) any assistance and backing is free. The entire experience is 100% free, since it is open source. Open source implies that you can appropriate and even alter the code behind the project. You also can Download Ubuntu from internet free of cost...

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5 Ubuntu Tips and Tricks

Ubuntu is one of the Linux flavors which is very much in trend these days. It is free and open source. Because it is Desktop version of Linux that is why most of the people are preferring this operating system to be in their laptops and in computers. If you are using this operating system, here are some tips and tricks for you to use it more efficiently.

Customize the Theme

Subjects in Ubuntu can be tweaked to suit your necessities. The default subject "Climate" has the menu (File, Edit, View, and so forth) imprinted in white on a dim foundation, yet you can without much of a stretch switch to another topic, for example, "Brilliance" to have the menu imprinted in dark on a light foundation. These are simple strides to alter a subject.

1.      Click the Control Gear and select "System Settings".
2.      Click "Appearance" under "Personal".
3.      Under the Look tab, select a theme from the drop-down menu.

Change Wallpapers Automatically

Do right click on Desktop and select “change desktop background” then choose one wallpaper, but you have to do it all the time whenever you have to change the wallpaper. How it would be when you want that wallpapers to be changed automatically. Let check how it get done.
1.      Press Ctrl-Alt-T to run Terminal.
2.      Enter sudo add-apt-repository ppa:peterlevi/ppa
3.      Enter sudo apt-get update
4.      Enter sudo apt-get install variety
This will help you to change wallpaper automatically after a particular time set by you. The images will change after certain time from the source you have chosen.

Add or Change Keyboard Shortcuts

Ubuntu contains keywords shorcuts into it by default which can be changed manually after installing Ubuntu in computer. Here you will see how to change those shortcuts.
1.      Click the Dash Home icon (or tap Super), type keyboard and press Enter.
2.      Under the "Shortcuts" tab, select "Launchers" on the left panel
3.      Click "Launch calculator", and it shows "New accelerator..."
4.      Press Ctrl+Alt+C keys simultaneously, and it shows Ctrl+Alt+C
5.      Close the window and try the new shortcut. 

Its Software center

Ubuntu has its own software center which means you need not to get stuck with the applications which are installed by default during the installation. You can choose your own application and can install it directly from Ubuntu's Software center. In software center you just need to search for the application and there Is no specific command to install it. You can install them by just clicking on the install button.    If you are sudo user it will ask for the password for every installation.

Clean Up Old Crash Reports

If your Ubuntu system always pops up a dialog saying "System program problem detected" each time you log in even though you've already reported the problem, you might need to clean up all old crash reports by entering a command line below in the Terminal.
1.      Press Ctrl-Alt-T to run Terminal.
2.      Copy and paste sudo rm /var/crash/* in the Terminal and press Enter.
Log out and log back in the system, check if the dialog still appears.

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English Speaking course in Chandigarh Sector 34

English Speaking course in Chandigarh Sector 34

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English Speaking course in Chandigarh Sector 34
English Speaking course in Chandigarh Sector 34