Thursday, August 25, 2016

Benefits of using Ubuntu

Ubuntu is most usable operating system these days. It is a flavor of Linux which is desktop version for regular computer users. Most of the people are migrating from Windows to Ubuntu just because of its benefits and features . Let's talk about its features and benefits of Ubuntu.

Easy to install applications

In Ubuntu, Installing application is very easy. Here in Ubuntu we call it package. You just need to go in its software center and have to type the name of the package. After finding this you just need to click on install and it will done. There is no need to wait more or to accept terms and conditions because it is open source and free of cost.


Linux is more secure than windows because it has permissions applied on every file and on every directory(Folders) separately. In simple language every file and directory has its own permissions. If hacker will break one folder's permissions he will stuck to another. Thats why Linux is very Secure.

Virus Free

Ubuntu is also a virus free operating system where virus never effect the Ubuntu machine. Here in Ubuntu non of the file can execute independently or automatically. Every file need an order to execute. One more reason is there that virus file always has .exe extension which only runs in windows. In Ubuntu extension of the file is .deb so .exe never gets executed because it is unknown file type for Ubuntu. So you can run Ubuntu without any antyvirus.

Easy to change options

Ubuntu accompanies a control board additionally accompanies a menu alongside the Applications menu where you essentially select the thing you need to change, be it the Desktop foundation or the system settings. Everything on the windows that show up is basic and there are only the choices you require so it is anything but difficult to change the choices.


The community behind Linux, especially Ubuntu is what attracts many people to the operating system.


Everything about Ubuntu is free, the working framework (you can even have them send you a duplicate of the working framework for a little charge that spreads postage), the product introduced is free (counting all the product you can download) any assistance and backing is free. The entire experience is 100% free, since it is open source. Open source implies that you can appropriate and even alter the code behind the project. You also can Download Ubuntu from internet free of cost...

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