Saturday, November 5, 2016

Why Linux is Virus Free ?

Linux is the operating system which is open source. Linux is free to use, free to modify and free to distribute. So many companies are these days migrating into Linux. One more interesting fact about Linux is that Linux never gets affected by Virus. This is the best feature which is fetching the interest of users towards Linux operating system. There are so many Linux flavors are there these days which can be used as Desktop edition which is so easy to operate for those users as well who are using Linux for the first time. Anyone who is willing to start using Linux in their computer machines can use Ubuntu in them. One who wants to opt Linux as the career option can do the Linux Training in Chandigarh which will make them perfect Linux users they also can get white collar job.

Why did Virus not affect Linux?

When we think of virus, Windows struck in our minds. Many Virus is there who can destroy our computer’s data and many more valuable information in your computer. But it never happens in Linux. The virus always has (.exe) extensions with it which mean this is an executable file. Windows support .exe extensions that's why Virus gets executed automatically after entering into Windows. Linux Does not support .exe file extensions. Linux uses RPM, DEB extensions. if Virus file will come in Linux it will not execute because Linux Does not support this file extension.

Linux is a more secure operating system. This is the Era of Linux. Our 90% of Internet is based on Linux. It also has one certification program by which students can get International certification from RedHat. Students can start taking Linux Training in Chandigarh from CBitss Technologies. CBitss Technologies are the best training institute which provides quality training in Linux.

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