Monday, December 24, 2012

Job scope for girls in computer science

When it comes to the computer science and technology industry, girls are an endangered species.College-aged women are realizing the opportunity that awaits them in the computer science field, even though it has been traditionally male-dominated. However, the field is growing rapidly and more minds than ever are needed to keep up with the demand.

  Demand for web designing positions tends to stay consistent, even during recessions.It has been researched in U.S that girls are more interested in the creative side, while boys are more interested in the competitive side.So the girls can use their creative mind in web development/designing viz. PHP.

 They need to do a PHP course. It includes loads of practical application-building exercises and real-life examples.

     PHP  contents:- 

1.Essential PHP elements: language structure, data types, operators, application design

2.Strings and Functions.

3.Control Statement.

4.PHP with (X)HTML



7.Cookies and Sessions

8.Files management & Uploading to Server.

9.MySQL Integration.


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