Monday, December 24, 2012

What is Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to submit a website or a web page on the Internet.The task of a web hosting provider is to provide the services required for a web site to be seen and accessed on the internet.

In the whole process ,servers are used to store and host web sites and web pages.Web hosting is designed to communicate between servers and users.To obtain space in a web hosting environment you become a member and agree to terms and conditions of renting the space - just as if you were to rent a house or commercial premises for your business.Once you agree and become a member, you are given an access code, a key, to your piece of cyberspace. This key, in the form of a login and password, allows you to connect to the web hosting server and upload your web site so it can be accessed on the internet.

Web hosting was quite simple in the beginning but it has now become more complex.The advent of audio-visual applications has added great freedom of entertainment to web hosting world.

Our company is the business of web hosting , there are some advantages which we give while hosting sites to our clients :-

1. Maximum space - We would provide an enormous space for the site so that the owner does not face any difficulty while uploading his content.

2. Less cost - We charge very nominal fees for hosting a site.

3. Quick service -  The navigation of web pages of the hosted site will be very quick because we offer a high bandwidth.

4. Web security - Security will be set up correctly on that site to prevent hacking so that any hacker cannot steal the confidential data of our clients.The security applied will be monitored regularly.

5. Automated tasks - Some routine tasks and commands will be automated with the help of scripts so that our client need not waste his time on daily tasks.Client can select a script according to his requirement and purchase from us.


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